Kodungalloor Bhagavathy Temple (Sree Kurumba Bhagavathy Temple) is famous for the annual Bharani festival. It is believed that the temple was built by a Chera king to Kannaki, the heroine of Ilamkovadigal's Tamil classic Chilappathikaram. It is the largest congregation of Velichappadu or Komarams (oracles), both men and women. It also celebrates the birth of Bhadrakali (Hindu Goddess) who as per legend was born from the third eye of Lord Shiva and was the one who went to finish off the demon Darika.

The legendary Bharani festival is noted for the spectacular event called Aswathy Kaavutheendal in which Komarams (Oracles) from different parts of the State arrive at Kodungalloor Bhagavathy temple and is the day prior to Bharani asterism. The oracles run in a trance around the temple and smite their crown with sword, proclaiming their communion with the Devi. Meanwhile, the devotees strike the temple rafters with sticks and hurl offerings over the roof and on to the inner quadrangle. Following the festival, the temple would remain closed for a week. .
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