Stories by Sreeraj features visual content (photographs & videos) created by Sreeraj T, mostly of Performing Arts. The following terms and conditions are applicable for all the content (Photos & Videos) shared under the brand name Stories by Sreeraj.
General Terms
DO NOT Post or Repost Photos & Videos (from instagram/facebook feed) without prior permission, unless it is purchased or a collab post.
If any of the artiste or identifiable personality featured in any of the photograph/video shared by me wish to remove it from my feed, they may simply send a DM/E.mail. It will be removed within 24hrs.
If a particular photograph/video contains identifiable personalities, then it is the responsibility of the publisher (and not that of the photographer) to contact them and get prior permission to use it on print/online media.
How to get Photographs?
Please DO NOT ask photograph(s) or videos for FREE. The regular fee for a photograph (edited & print-ready-300px.) is Rs. 400/-
In case of purchasing multiple images, additional discount is applicable, based on the number of photos.
Artist/Organizer can purchase a collection of photographs taken during a performance for a fixed price. You will be able to see and select the raw photographs shared via google drive, on request.
The prices mentioned above are for using the photograph (on print/digital media) and do not include the rights of the photograph(s). All images will remain the property of Storiesbysreeraj and the buyers are not permitted to re-sale the photograph(s). 
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